Minister Trenggono Optimistic of Indonesia Controlling the Market


The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) fully supports the national shrimp export increase program. This was conveyed by Minister Trenggono in his presentation as a keynote speaker at the Shrimp Talks: Support the Target of 250% Increase in Shrimp Export Value in the context of the 16th Anniversary of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, this morning (14/03). 6/2021).

“Shrimp is a fishery commodity that is most demanded by the global market. In the period 2015 – 2019 shrimp is the second market demand after salmon. Indonesia itself during the period 2015-2020 contributed to the fulfillment of the world shrimp market by an average of 6.9% We must work on this market potential, especially the market that gives high value to Indonesian shrimp production so that Indonesia is able to dominate the world shrimp market,” said Minister Trenggono who was present at the event offline.

To support this, Minister Trenggono explained several programs that have been prepared by the KKP to increase national shrimp production and exports, namely the revitalization of ponds by building infrastructure or facilities and infrastructure as a pilot area for shrimp for the community, simplification of shrimp farming business permits, and development Shrimp Estate model for shrimp farming from upstream to downstream.

For Shrimp Estate itself, it is an adequate-scale shrimp culture where the cultivation process from upstream to downstream is in an area with a technological production process so that harvest yields are more optimal, prevent disease, and are more environmentally friendly so that the principles of sustainable cultivation are maintained.

However, in its implementation, Minister Trenggono explained several challenges in the aquaculture sub-sector, one of which is feed which is the largest component of production costs. For this reason, cooperation between the government and national feed producers must go hand in hand to achieve a more efficient cost of feed components. He also hopes that researchers can continue to develop in feed innovation in Indonesia.

“Furthermore, I appeal to researchers, especially in universities to always innovate and research in order to reduce dependence on imported raw materials and raw materials derived from fishing,” said Minister Trenggono.

The value of national shrimp exports in 2019 alone placed Indonesia in fifth place in the world’s shrimp exporters, behind India, Ecuador, Vietnam and China, with a market share of 7.1%. From this figure, the total volume of shrimp production is 239,227 tons, the value of Indonesia’s shrimp exports is USD 2.04 billion. This result will be continuously improved by KKP in the future.

However, Minister Trenggono also reminded that production management from shrimp farming must be carried out responsibly by applying sustainable principles.

“The MPA’s policy in resource utilization is not only exploiting as much as possible for economic purposes, but must pay attention to the environment and sustainability, so that future marine and fisheries development can balance ecology and economy in accordance with the future direction of the world economy, namely towards a blue economy. ” said Minister Trenggono.

In the event which was also attended by the Chancellor of the University of Padjadjaran, Rina Indiastuti and also the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in 2001-2004 Rokhmin Dahuri as well as the Chair of the Indonesian Aquaculture Society, Minister Trenggono also conveyed 3 breakthrough programs of KKP based on sustainability for the next 3 years.

“I will always convey the KKP’s 3 priority programs for the next 3 years, namely increasing PNBP from natural resources for capture fisheries to improve fishermen’s welfare, developing aquaculture to increase exports supported by marine and fishery research, and developing freshwater aquaculture villages. , brackish and sea based on local wisdom,” he concluded.